Jan. 7th, 2011

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Home from Cork. So don't wanna be. Funeral tomorrow of a family friend and a feeling of imminent snow or at least more bloody cold weather forced my hand though, which is a real shame as I'd Plans for this evening in Cork. Grumble. Turns out I've another funeral to go to on Monday, my grandfather's sister's son. So, some sort of cousin, who I've probably met once but seeing as I'm the only one in the family who can figure out how to get to Griffith Avenue from Drogheda I'm going too. You may remember such fragments of posts as "Eva gets lost on the M1" and "Dad goes from Beaumont Hospital to Drogheda via Parnell Street." I can't even trust them to drive in a straight line without getting lost.

Think I left a bit of knitting on one of the buses, not even sure which bus I was on so many today. Well, three buses. Left Christian's at 12.30 for the 12.45 to Cork, 14.00 to Dublin was packed and arrived in at 18.55 making me sprint to the Custom House for the 19.00 to Drogheda. Deserved chips after that. I love Cork, but I dislike that getting there takes nearly a whole day. Trains aren't that much faster, not when you take into account the extra time getting to and from and between the stations.

Arrived home to parcels. That's this evening's entertainment sorted, at least. I'm already missing the nightly movies with good company and kittehs but it looks as if I'm going back again at the end of the month. It's almost as important as swimming is to my mental health. Swimming tomorrow after funeral. Mmm.


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