Jan. 15th, 2011

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Managed to crawl out of bed this morning at seven after a measly two hours sleep. Simply could not drop off and kept waking up with bad dreams. Still, if a few bad dreams are the only bad things going on, life is good. And it really is good. Sure, there's stuff that I'm less than pleased about - having to leave the country to do the job I love is the biggest one of them - but I'm not letting it get me down. Genuinely believe that I'm experiencing the least bad PMS since I was on the pill 10 years ago, and they weren't even periods! Evening primrose oil, B Vitamins, exercise, daylight, porridge. Not sure which one (if any) is the biggest help, but I'm not gonna take any risks by excluding any. Not risking those Moods coming back.

So, full of coffee and porridge and happiness at surprising Christian by being awake and online at half seven, I pootled off to Ballsbridge to quiz secondary students on their research methodologies at the Young Scientist Thing. That was fun. Was truly impressed at the high quality of most of the projects and very happy to see the IBTS there with free pens. They do the second best free pens I've ever encountered and if there's one thing you learn bloody early as a student healthcare professional, it's which reps and the like give the best free clicky pens. Best pens from one of the antidepressant people reps, thankfully Martha is as shameless as I am in asking for moar free pens.

DART back into town, cos I love the DART. Some small amount of shopping, mostly for small consumables. La Senza sale provided some goodies as did Ann Summers sale later on in the day. Paying less than 40 quid for a bra that fits and is pretty is a Good Thing, so getting three sets for less than that was a Brilliant Thing.

Lovely late lunch with [livejournal.com profile] natural20, me emerging blinking, slightly sozzled and very giggly into the rain and wind after some time that was a lot longer than it felt. Failed to get material for the project I've got in mind, but it turns out that the sewing box will provide most of what I wanted and an old blouse that I don't mind chopping up will donate the rest. Talked Liz into visiting next week for an evening of mead, possibly movies and definitely meat and wandered home, happy, if limping slightly. Limping is unrelated to Liz, unless she's really magic.

I haven't had a day in Dublin of just having fun since just after my birthday in November. Two months is perhaps slightly too long to go before getting to do that again, especially as there's a chance of leaving the country in 6 months. Will have to make it up to Dublin again before the end of the month though because it's January and that means Turner in the National Gallery. I love that even though conservation and stuff has moved on since Vaughan donated the pieces they're still honouring the terms of the bequest that they only be displayed in January when the light is at its weakest. More fun ahead!


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