Feb. 18th, 2011

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So, back from Galway where I managed to reset sleep pattern and am now busy breaking it again. Three days away from everything gave me time to relax and to think and seeing more of this utterly gorgeous country of mine is never a bad thing.

Exploring, eating, stuff and thinking. Lots of thinking. A little bit of plotting and planning. Oh, and I saw "Paul" last night which was good enough that I need to mention it. I know I missed a lot of the references, cos I always do first time round with Pegg/Frost stuff. But even with that I felt like the only nerd in the village when laughing or squeeing over some reference or other. Though that might be cos I was a good decade older than everyone else there so have different cultural references.

I did rather miss my bed, or rather my privacy. Suspect two nights is my limit now for hostel dorms but that might have something to do with that getting old thing and I can't complain when the two nights cost me a grand total of two euro (plus another two for the bus there and back.) People waking me up by drunkenly and noisily staggering in after 4 doesn't have the same appeal it once had and that never particularly appealed. Nice to get away but I grinned when I hit Dublin again so it's nice to get back, too. Especially nice to get back to a lovely evening of coffee and chocolate cake and conversation and "ah, sure I'll get the next bus." Twice.

Also arrived home with more yarn that I thought would make a lovely scarf for Martha as she's announced that she'd like me to knit a scarf with a hole in it. This might require her to provide some sort of photograph of whatever it is she wants me to copy/adapt, otherwise this could get messy. Turns out she doesn't want a pinky purpley scarf so I get one instead. Can never have too many scarves, I hope, as I've well over two dozen hanging on the back of the door. Some things just never get culled. Ties is another one, though I suspect dad's been stealing them as I know I haven't been wearing them much recently so can't have lost them.

Bit annoyed with myself for missing the protest on Wednesday, but couldn't be helped, needed to look after me for a bit cos if I don't no-one else will. I guess tomorrow's for catching up on things I missed while away from the world. Everyone still seems to be alive anyway, so that's all that matters.


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