Mar. 7th, 2011

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Back from a few days of being cut off from the entire world in Kinsale, no tv, no radio, no internets, just phone and even that was mostly ignored apart from when I was either giggling about the big hard purple thing on my arm (I got bitten by a fairy) or stropping (ugh, sorry world). I thought it'd be relaxing, but I seem to have just gone fucking mental instead, needing to be rescued from myself and then throwing strop after strop. I'm at least partly blaming this possible bug that I possibly picked up from a niece, cos it's a bit unlike me not to eat everything in the world when I head down to the Capital of Noms. I didn't even go into the English Market. That'll tell you how sick I was feeling. I bought no Cake. I bought no sandwich for the buses from the lovely sandwich shop. I was really sick!

Now that I'm back I need to figure out who's in charge of things like health and safety and food hygiene in places wot cater for kid's parties as I found out on my return that some really, really disgusting things happened at a party on Friday. I'll not go into it, cos I've apparently been having even more trouble than usual with deciding just what might be too much information, but suffice to say that were I not already trying to stop myself from throwing up, this would have definitely made me feel very sick indeed. It really didn't help with feeling nauseous.

But in nicer news, months n months after starting knitting I've finally done my first scarf! It _wasn't_ my first thing, mind! (First thing being fingieless gloves, using double pointed needles for first time ever, cos why start easy?) Pretty black sparkley thing for Martha and now I want one for me too. Also made a sort of twisted cowl thingie for me and cast on for scarves for the kids. Help. Help me. Please. My sewing is suffering and I've two projects hanging on the wardrobe begging me to get out needles and threads. I am not the sort of person that you let loose with a new obsession, even if it's one I can quit anytime I want. Yeah... annnyyyytime.



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