Mar. 24th, 2011

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I'm often struck by just how bloody small the world is. The guy I most certainly wasn't seeing for four years is very close to the now ex-husband of a classmate. [ profile] daya_slyth, who I met on an LJ student comm but not yet in real life is the niece of a neighbour. Simon, who I met 10 years ago in Dublin through mutual Australian friends, is the cousin of one of Martha's exes. William, who I was shacked up with for a couple of years, is my (distant!) cousin and I just can't bring myself to ever let [ profile] natural20 know who I do anything entertaining with cos, well, the world is bloody small and he would giggle. All of which makes me wonder, just how many other (blood) family members have I accidentally slept with? Let's face it, if the world is small Ireland is teenchy and I've had an adventurous girlhood.

Been thinking a lot lately about old loves, let's blame Springtime and lambs and sap and stuff. There are still so many of them that are such a big part of my life and that's just brilliant. Though again, world is small, first boy I kissed is the son of a nurse who trained with my mum. I know I've said this a lot lately but with the exception of one exceptionally bad judgement call, I've been a very lucky fishie indeed to still have such lovely people in my life as dear friends. That said, still more than happy being single, though at this stage I've probably forgotten how nice it is not to be. Coming to the end of my training, facing the option of part-time 3 month contracts at home or permanent full-time abroad, it's nice to not have anything keeping me here.

Speaking of ending training, dad was asking last night how much longer I've left. And then you'll be a qualified midwife? Yup, have started job applications already. I don't think I've seen him grin so much about my education before, ever. It's not even so much that they want me out of the house, I hope, more that I've finally found something I want to do. On target to passing this placement, which will leave just one more 6 week stint until I get to finally sign my name at work and follow it with RM instead of std m/w. Can't wait.


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