Apr. 27th, 2011

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Today I cleared out my locker in work. It wasn't quite as bad an experience as I thought it would be. Thankfully, the time I'd chosen to nip in and do it was one where there weren't many people around - evening breaks hadn't yet started and short-day staff had gone home already.

That locker has accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. I found report sheets from 2008 that need shredding, three pairs of shoes, a tin of tuna, my netbook, two t-shirts, a pair of pyjamas, two coats, one stethoscope, a pot noodle, a tube of bonjela, tea bags, a travel mug, an umbrella, a kettle, four empty cigarette packets, three hair clippy things, a towel, a radio, my most comfortable black bra and my crocs. The PINK mini-fridge that Santy brought me for my little room in res was also there, but not in the locker. Most of the stuff has gone out to Blanch, awaiting delivery some time after myself and Wendy do a yarn run followed by a mead tasting session. I might try and get a bottle of Bunratty, just to see what the competition's like.

Next trip I'll hand back the key, along with my swipe.

Apart from a couple of hours of what can only be described as "wah", I've been pretty stable emotionally since finding out. Almost happy. I do need to sort out a decent massage sometime as shoulders should not look as if they're attached to your earlobes (I hunch when stressed) but other than that I'm mostly ok. And maybe that's enough to tell me that this wasn't for me, after all. Still not making any decisions though, right now I don't trust myself with anything longer term than "hot chocolate or coffee?" Which reminds me, I've some Easter eggs that need to be used up. Hot chocolate it is.


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