May. 13th, 2011

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Today was brewday. Stuck on another gallon of super sticky (the second mead recipe I made, and by far the best received) and oh my God chocolate mead. If the wort is anything to go by, and it usually is, this is something that's going to be bottled in very small bottles. Not because of alcohol content - I never intentionally brew above 10% and most of the yeasts I use just don't tolerate anything higher than 14% ABV before dying happy deaths - but because it's.... obscenely good. Trust me when I say I know what obscenely good tastes like.

The recipe says not to drink it for at least two years. That's going to be very difficult. Adapted it quite a bit, adding a decent amount of vanilla and a few other secrets. Very much looking forward to it being ready. In the meantime, I've the last bottle of apple pie sitting beside me, warmed as it releases the cinnamon kick that bit better. I love how different meads are best served at different temperatures. Slightly sticky is best at room temp, original number 1 mead best chilled, apple pie warm.

I've been brewing on and off on my own since about 1998, still learning lots with each batch. Don't want to wait to see what the chocolate has to teach me, but I guess deferred gratification is a skill I have to learn sometime.


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