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A few months back, a dear friend in Japan told me that his wife was pregnant. Then round Christmas when the knitting kinda took over I asked if I could knit something for the babby. I had this wonderful idea of knitting a blankie that would have A-Z and 1-9 on it (0 would have to be left out for it to be square, blast.) Just after I finished the A I did some quick sums to discover that if I did the original blankie it'd be a bit big for a babby not to mention horribly expensive to post.

Hm, J's a CA grad, used to teach stuff to CTYI kids, hmm, 4x4 square would work in terms of size if each square has 8inch sides, that's it, the child's getting a hexblankie. So Super Sekrit nerdy project was born and then a couple of days after the babby (hello, baby!) was born the blankie arrived. It made me happy to make it, which is the main reason I knit at all. Off again tomorrow so I think once I wake up I'll finally do something about the shrug that tried to defeat me in January.

Woke up surprisingly early today for a day off. Somewhere round nine my brain decided that that was quite enough sleep for one night and would I not rather get up and do something on such a glorious day. And glorious it was - two lines of washing done, a bit of gardening (I finally got to dump the spikey plant that tried to take my eye out in 04/05), did henna my hair, bake the most delicious ginger bread ever and read more than I ever want to read about post partum haemorrhage and rosacea. Uh, not that they're linked, though there used to be this idea that redheads were "bleeders." But now I'm exhausted so it's bedtime again. I think a little jaundice for bedtime reading. Mmm stercobiliwotsits.