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Snippets of lovely things from this week:
- using a language other than English to help a woman with her baby, getting a hug when she left
- a photo of babies born last month to someone I looked after in first year
- making people boggle that I remembered her
- having the knowledge to help someone hand express colostrum for her very sick baby
- brownies! Lots of people leave chocolates, brownies make a nice change (a punnet of strawberries with a bunch of grapes remains my favourite present ever, though)
- sleep. Sleeping more than 6 hours before work is absolutely amazing to me
- doing good, not actively doing evil
- seeing some classmates for the first time since September, slagging Ruthie off terribly, hugging Lyns to death
- not freaking the hell out about giving handover
- remembering to maintain hydration in ridiculously warm environment while wearing polycotton uniform (need to drink >5L/day to pee during working hours) thus saving myself a course of antibiotics
- bouncing about knitting to link lecturer, bouncing about her getting a research fellowship
- now having 5 days off before I'm in W, Th, F next week, will be staying in town Tu,W,Th nights.

This week, life is good.