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All I have to talk about is work. That's not a bad thing, really, cos I do love it so. I love, love, love the warm fuzzies from seeing how my care (my care! me! mine!) turned someone from scared, in tears and about to give up on ever getting that baby to feed, into someone smiling and laughing at just how brilliant her body was at feeding her baby. I love having students of my very own. I love handing over at the end of the day (this used to scare the bejaysus out of me cos I'm all quiet and shy and stuff.)

I'd like it if I could figure out how to talk about hand expressing without showing how to do it. Using my own boobs, I mean. Uh, not that I whip 'em out, but you can always tell which is my dominant hand cos that's the side of the white tunic that has a distinct C shaped grubby bit roughly where my nipple is. I keep meaning to knit a couple of boobs for just this purpose, but that'd just be another thing to stick in a pocket and already there's a lot in there: stethoscope, thermometer, alky gel, alky wipes, pens, report sheet, notebook, scissors, random stuff I've picked up over the day.

Staying in town for the few nights made me realise how much I love and miss Dublin. There was tea and conversation + hugs and sleepy beer + hugs and explaining that, no, Dublin is not in England, no, really, trust me on that one you silly person in hostel. People in work have been surprised that I prefer hostels to taking a room in the hospital res, but the isolation in res is horrendous and while I might have to sleep in the same room as a bunch of strangers in a hostel, I get to talk to a bunch of people, too, which is super fun.

Life is being good at the minute. Family well, me confident, sleeping going ok, dad's now 8 stone 12 (that's nearly 4 of yer old money stone up since first lungs of jam stuff in 07). Off to Cyavanish for the night on Monday for favourite uncle's 50th, looking forward to having an excuse to wear a pretty dress. Lots of good going on. And now, breakfast.