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I don't quite know why I was complimented on my hard work today, I spent most of the day praying for more coffee. I guess what I need to do to do well in this job is always work on less than 2 hours sleep a night. That was a bit painful, let me tell you.

Dinner last night to celebrate parents' wedding anniversary, sister's birthday and family being over from Rugby. Went to Donegan's in Monasterboice, one of my favouritest places to eat, evar. So full afterwards I couldn't eat until lunchtime today.

Five weeks down in this placement as of tonight. Last week starts tomorrow night, four nights and I'm done there, one way or another. Nights are going to be interesting with this commute, but at least it's only 4 nights instead of the usual run of 7. And now, I can no longer ignore the siren song of my bed for I must be up early tomorrow to have my teeth poked and prodded and hand over a first born in exchange. Never said it was going to be my firstborn, mind. 2 hours sleep definitely not enough.