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Y'know, there's a lot to be said for just getting tipsy and laughing with a dear friend. It's something I used to enjoy doing back in the day of Friday "Fibbers?" texts and didn't really realise how much I missed it. Cos, see, the thing is, I hate pubs these days. Or rather, I hate not knowing if I can sit in a pub long enough to make the trip worthwhile. But tonight, tonight was good. Tonight there was beer and laughter and secrets and suddenly feeling normal height again. Better and cheaper than any massage.

And then there was news from home that Marfa was on a trolley in A+E, cos it'd been an entire _week_ since I worried about family, but I didn't leave my booze or my friend and I didn't run away home to where I couldn't have done anything anyway. Look how I've grown! ?appendicitis, then "uh, you're grand, go home" so will quiz mum in the morning. Poor baby sis.

Tomorrow I'm going to blitz the grey hair with henna, as twitter has now told me what "consistency of double cream" actually means. I mean, really, double cream? It's far from double cream I was reared.

And now I really want chips and a batter sausage, but will settle for tea and toast and an early (for me) night for I've truly had a lovely evening and life, it is good. Still breathing.