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I am currently boggling over school uniforms. Darling nieces go to a wonderful, wonderful school that is very lucky to receive more funding than most because of the catchment area being one of the more deprived ones in the town so class sizes are bleedin' tiny compared to the school I went to (no, really tiny, Emma has 17 in her class. Kids in the school I went to have 30+.) They try so hard to keep costs down - book loan schemes and the like - and the parish church organises a lot of activities for free/next to nothing. In short, it's a brilliant school. Yet their uniform is one that can only be bought in one shop in the town. Tunics cost between 25 and 40 euro, skirts 20+, uniform tracksuits are 30+. (Blouses and cardigans just have to be light blue and navy respectively so can at least be bought wherever the hell parents want.)

I know it's only a small thing, but really, just a little daft.

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