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Today was knitting and stitching show fun, made even more fun for winning tickets. Myself and Wendy wandered around, buying little but really enjoying ourselves. Coffee from RDS canteen thing is vile, though, I should remember that for next time I'm out there (I keep forgetting.)

Lots of catching up then into town for more coffee and chatting when we finally found somewhere. Neither of us know where's good for coffee anymore and it's not like the O'Connell St. area was ever the best for it anyway and certainly not after 6 on a Sunday. She's started a new job and making comparisons to oldHospital is always fun. She mentioned she'd been looking after someone with a Bartholin's cyst a while back and thought of me. How sweet :)

Got home to find someone else had done the dishes after dinner and even left me some food. Whole lotta yay goin' on.