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Squee "It's raining! Wheeeeeeeee!"
Waddle outside barefoot to dance in the garden.
Slip on slug.
Twist ankle some more.
Bash head on slide.
Land on snails.

I've gotta stop doing these things to myself. Not least because slugs are not fun things to have to clean out from between your toes. The snails will wash out of the jeans, inshallah. At least I've been bopped on both sides of my head now, so I'm balanced, or something.
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Fell out of bed while asleep, bashing head off corner of locker as I fell. That's twice this year I've done that. Now can't sleep because of lumpy head and more ankle twistiness. I'd like to not injure myself in stupid ways any more this year, k? Not even safe to be let sleep in my own bed alone, apparently!

Anyone fancy a picnic on Saturday? I think I've to be in Dublin in the morning and the evening and I quite like people. Certainly in Dubberlin in the evening, but I'm boozeing with someone nice. I liek booze.

And now I've had a panic cos I can't remember which name I told the nice electoral register man to take off the, er, electoral register. I think it was the imaginary woman who has never existed. Hopefully not my grandmother. How the imaginary woman got on it in the first place is a mystery. We may well have been related, as she had my maternal grandmother's middle name and my father's surname. Someone was being helpful yet ill-informed, I think.

Gotta stop posting this late, early, whatever. This is probably me awake for the rest of the night now. Hrm.


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