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Have an urge to make chocolate mead. Chocolate. Mead. Two of my favourite things in one glass. Have gone from "bleh, sick of it" to "oooh, need more recipes" in the last couple of weeks. And I was getting sick of meadmaking, I was getting sick of doing the same things over and over again because it worked and worked well and got me compliments which I always like. But it was so incredibly boring doing the same thing. Once the last Friday in January is upon us I'll invest in a 5 gallon drum and that way I'll only have to do up a 30 bottle batch of sticky mead every so often. Need a new honey supplier though, one who might be happy to occasionally sell me gallons of the stuff. Or get bees. I'd prefer my own bees. Want my own bees. But we're a while away from that.

I need experiments, even if it's just in mead. So there will be chocolate mead stuck on in 2010 for drinking round Christmas 2011 and soon I'm gonna stick on a batch of cinnamon mead and a cyser. Cos science is fun.

Hoping to get some time to go blackberrying soon, while there's still some out there. Last time I made blackberry booze it was... quite astringent, but I'm still learning, ten years after starting my first batch of apple and raisin. Ooh, apple and raisin, now there was an easy, drinkable wine. Fast fermenter, too, at least when compared to mead.

I think there's gonna be a lot of booze in my future, and seeing as I've mostly gone off drinking the stuff, a whole lot of bottles going looking for new friends.
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Uh, when did "honey beer" become a good way to describe mead? Poking around at stuff to do in Drawwda over the next while I came across the Annagassan Viking Festival. Where there will be "mead (honey beer)" Shall have a shufty, as part of Operation Needs a Better Name. Not least cos I wanna know if they mean mead or they mean honey beer. Beer good, beer foamy. Mead good, mead, uh, not foamy. Unless I've been Doing It Wrong all these years...

To those who are on the list for the next batch, it's fermenting. Won't update more on that until it's bottled and ready for distribution.


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