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Anyone fancy a trip to Newgrange sometime?
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There was my grandfather's anniversary mass, there was shopping with Martha, there was lunch, there was moar shopping. Martha is a god of shopping. Brought back some stuff that was bought as presents and now instead of cropped combats and a figure hugging slinky top (really, no-one needs to see how big this belly has got since I've been off my feet and comfort eating) that look hideous on me I now have black jeans and black trousers that fit and suit me. And new boots, I couldn't resist, they were less than a fiver and fit!

And then she bought me a cookie to keep me entertained while I sat outside M&S cos I couldn't walk or stand any more and was sweating from the effort of staying upright. And now I'm going to sleep.
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Uh, when did "honey beer" become a good way to describe mead? Poking around at stuff to do in Drawwda over the next while I came across the Annagassan Viking Festival. Where there will be "mead (honey beer)" Shall have a shufty, as part of Operation Needs a Better Name. Not least cos I wanna know if they mean mead or they mean honey beer. Beer good, beer foamy. Mead good, mead, uh, not foamy. Unless I've been Doing It Wrong all these years...

To those who are on the list for the next batch, it's fermenting. Won't update more on that until it's bottled and ready for distribution.
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Operation Get Sarah Out of the House More Often has entered day two. Yesterday was the barbecue of omminess, hugs and luvverly people. Though I missed hours of harmless fun because of having to battle public transport. Wah! 6 hours travel. Seriously, getting a feckin motorbike. Still having trouble walking, though at least the walk back to the train only took 40 minutes instead of the 45 it took getting from the train. The walk from the bus in Drawwda took a while, though there's a lot of uphill and my ankle protests a lot more at going uphill than down. Back to le doc, methinks.

Today was finally seeing noo batman moovie. Enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours, though my dislike of the cinema in Drogheda has increased. Honestly, was I meant to be able to hear dialogue? Especially the monologue that took up the last couple of minutes of the movie? While I caught the odd word - enough to get the gist - I couldn't hear enough. I know my hearing's cocked up but I wasn't the only one who couldn't hear it. So, was that a cinema thing or a really bad sound editing thing?

Operation Get Sarah Out of the House More Often has so far been a success. Now I just need a better name for it. And moar plans.


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