Feb. 13th, 2011

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Waking up pretty soon after one in the bloody morning can only be a good thing, right? Thankfully, can feel the beginnings of sleepiness again so will work more on that. Dinner this evening revealed that we can now, for certain, add eggs to the "things that make Sarah explode" list. My face eggsploded. Eyelids so swollen I could only see through one eye, runny nose, runny eyes, runny other places that aren't face related. Thankfully no throat closing, as breathing is fun and useful. So at least not as bad as prawns. Kinda hoping this doesn't mean "eggs in cake" too, because that would be bad, if good for my ever expanding waist. But what the hell is it with getting older and suddenly not being able to eat things that you've eaten for 30 years? Bodies are weird. Great, fascinating things, but also very very weird.

Presented Niamh with the shrug I quickly ran up using thick, thick, cheap, cheap yarn from Lidl. There was quite a bit of bouncing and squeeing and then a request that I knit something else for her, some sort of badly described possibly cowl type thing. Lovely. Great that she loved the shrug, but I hate doing hobbies to order. It doesn't work. I get bored and start resenting that I'm not doing it just for the love of it. This is why I still have the netting for the skirt that Martha wanted when she was 12. Also, Martha is nearly 20. This has to stop, she's also not allowed graduate before me. That would be truly embarrassing. Oh, also also, she passed her driving test yesterday so now she'll be able to drive to placements in the back end of beyond. Hooray! This morning I was ceremonially presented with her copy of the rules of the road in a not too subtle hint that it's my turn next. Just what I need, another distraction.

More job hunting tomorrow, a few possibly interesting places are hiring and a few recruitment agencies are trying to grab us for commissions. So that'll eat up the rest of my time off before going back to work. Would like to have something lined up before May, but we'll see. Not making plans, I've learned about making plans and getting excited about them, far too many times. Will just stick with quiet optimism for the time being, while poking various people about where's nice to live in the UK. Suggestions?

Required: close to airport where I can get a flight to DUB, close to sea/pretty river, good bookshops, nice food, good touristy stuff (museums, galleries, ruins, churches, that sorta thing).

Desirable: close to airport where I can get a flight to ORK, not desperately understaffed hospital, staff accommodation (I'm lazy and like rent taken from pay).

This is kinda fun, am starting to see the positive side of moving away from Ireland for a while. Cos otherwise I start to cry at being forced to leave. So far four of my classmates have been made permanent, the others still languishing on three month part-time contracts and I'm still convinced I'm worth a lot more than that.


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