Feb. 22nd, 2011

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Right, well, I've now stopped happy-swearing about finally passing my finals. Yes, I know my genital tract sepsis alright. Which is a good thing, seeing as it's on the increase again (you know the way I've been shouting for years that women are going to die from understaffing? There's the proof. Women are dying from something preventable that would be more easily caught and very easily treated if only the staffing numbers were there.) Apparently I don't know my neonatal abstinence syndrome though, which confuses me as last time I answered that particular question I got >70, but never mind, will brush up on that again. Anyway, finals passed, very happy fishie is now glugging on some special mead kept for a special occasion. That'll do. Next, go back and pass two placements. Easy peasy. Then, RM and emigration. Gonna be a midwife! Eeeeeeeee!

Lovely, lovely weekend. Saturday was a lovely relaxing day, Martha turned 20 and there was cake and presents and joy and laughter and nieces and hugs and all the usual Saturday things as well as a quick visit to an old friend that cheered me up no end. And chips. Mmm chips. Sunday was many hours with wonderful company over hot chocolate and nyommy brownie. I seem to be having an awful lot of "wait, we've been here how long?" moments lately, which I can only put down to having had the sense to surround myself with some fabulous people. Some wandering in search of new yarn happened and though I went back again today to stroke it, I still haven't bought the gorgeous purple stuff. Can't remember what it was or who made it, but it's purple and... well, even if I bought it I wouldn't want to use it, it's that nice. A little pet purple tribble, that's what it'd be.

Got lost on the way out to Liz's new place as bus driver didn't know where I wanted to get off and neither did I. Much as I love Dublin, some bits of it are less than fun to walk around after dark when you don't know where you are. "I passed a shop a while back, no, I don't know if it was a Centra. I'm on... a road. There's no sign, there's a man doing something very illegal though, does that help? Oh, and my phone's about to die. I hope I'm not." Wonderful evening of food, drink, staying up way past my bedtime, conversations about midwifery, life, universe, everything and sex. Lots of the last bit. Talking about it, I mean. Two new kittehs for me to make friends with and some mead for the growed ups to make friends with.

Shopping this afternoon once I finally returned to the land of the living and more yummy food before wandering into town to chat with some guy who likes my booze and go see The King's Speech. Go see it, it's just beautiful and made me laugh quite a bit. Not exactly minor freaking out as I got texts asking how I'd done in the exam, cos I'd no idea results were out today. Got offered 30 quid for a blow job on the walk home from the bus in the thick thick fog. Recession's really hitting, it seems. I know I was offered at least 50 for the same thing a few years ago. Mind you, I was also younger then. Also, really, someone's walking along knitting, big bag on back, wearing docs and a scowl, what exactly made him think my services were for sale? My little mind, it boggles.

And now, seeing as I'm the happiest fishie in all of Christendom, I'm enjoying some sticky mead and an apple turnover and being very grateful for all my lovely friends and family. Life is good and I've passed all the academic requirements of BSc(A.Obs.) Score.


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