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Well, busy days are great at work until you get sent home with ?gastroenteritis. Hospital is full of it - all isolation rooms in use, we're having to use the normal private rooms for isolation with associated apronning, gloving, masking up before going in. Private rooms not entirely suitable as they have no ante-room which means either leaving the room with everything contaminated on or taking it off in the room and not being entirely covered, yay. So, I get the start of symptoms, after being really groggy all morning and being really slow at doing anything, reported to ward manager, who sensibly sent me straight home with strict instructions to take care of myself and to the tune of belly rumblings and gurglings and spasms and wobbly legs and sweating and feeling... hungover. Hungover? WTF?

Got home to find out that rest of family have had similar things over the last week (everyone bar dad, who seems to have an immune system of steel these days, hurrah!) so I guess it's just my turn and at least I have an idea how long it'll run. Martha also had the hangover feeling, so glad I'm not crazy. In this regard anyway. Course, students don't get sick time and especially not unpaid students, so on top of today costing me taxi+bus+booked hostel I'll still have to make up today and tomorrow sometime over the next couple of weeks. Delightful! On the upside, have slept most of the day. No, really, sleep has always fixed most things with me - I've slept off UTIs and tonsillitis repeatedly - so am at least feeling a lot better now. Belly rumblings are particularly loud right now, and am getting hungry for the first time since dinner yesterday, which is a good sign I hope.

In other news, nieces still bouncing over dance competition in Wales last week. Niamh has been asked to represent her country for something or other dance related which is kinda big and exciting even if I can't remember what it's for. This is the sort of thing I should remember, bad auntie. Bad auntie going back to sleep again now. Night all.


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